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Lakensestraat 146 rue de Laeken, 1000 Brussels

In 2006, following a thorough refurbishment, the theatre in Lakensestraat reopened. Only the entrance and the historical foyer of the old theatre have been retained. In addition, the building now houses a fully equipped theatre auditorium (KVS_Bol), a multi-purpose hall (KVS_Top), the KVS_Bar and the impressive atrium.
Theatre auditorium with 500 seats and Italian decor in the renovated historical building in Lakensestraat
The stage is adjustable from 15 m to 9 m opening width, 15 m depth and 9 m to 6.5 m height. The auditorium is fully equipped with state-of-the-art theatre techniques. The ground level with 224 seats has a modular structure with 12 movable stages which can be arranged either stepwise with seats or as a level floor without seats.
download: ground plan (pdf), cross section (pdf)
Multi -purpose hall
Multi-purpose hall TOP, on the top floor, under the glass roof of the renovated building on the Rue de Laeken, equipped with non-fixed seating. Ideal location for receptions, seminars and presentations, providing 150 to 200 seats. Coffee or tea breaks can be organized in the bar which is attached to the TOP. Although the location cannot be shaded optimally, there is a fixed beamer and screen installed. The TOP can also be used for exhibitions and information charts.
Historical and listed foyer adjacent to the BOL auditorium
Ideal for receptions and buffets. For large receptions, the Atrium and the entrance lobby can also be used as extensions. The Foyer can also be used for smaller conferences, presentations and meetings of up to about 80 people.
Bar on the fifth floor
Highly atmospheric bar and meeting room on the fifth floor adjacent to the TOP, an ideal room for receptions with up to 200 people and conferences and meetings with up to 100 people. The BAR can be darkened and is equipped with a beamer, screen and sound system. This area is in great demand for a wide range of events, in part thanks to its shape and the contemporary décor and light sculpture.
Area around the cloakroom of BOL at -1
Area around the cloakroom of BOL at -1 which can be used for receptions as an extension of the FOYER. After a plenary meeting in TOP or BOL, this area can also be used for smaller workshops.
Arduinkaai 9 quai aux Pierres de Taille, 1000 Brussels

In 2004, the new building at Arduinkaai was put into service. Apart from the offices, technical areas and rehearsal rooms, this austerely designed building also houses a level-floor theatre auditorium (KVS_Box) and Café Congo.
'Black box' auditorium in the new building at Arduinkaai
This level-floor auditorium with 200 seats on collapsible rows is 17.85 m wide, 26 m deep and 9.5 m high.
download: ground plan (pdf), cross section (pdf)
Bar area in two parts
Bar area in two parts in the new building adjacent to the BOX theatre auditorium. One part of Café Congo is open to the public during the day on weekdays as a café and lunch-time eatery. The other part can be rented for small receptions with up to 200 people and conferences and meetings with 50 to 80 people. There is an adjacent large terrace which may offer additional possibilities in sunny weather.

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Here you'll find all information about the World Music Choir of Brussels, led by Marie Daulne.


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KVS and its relation to repertoire

On the 4th December a debate took place in KVS on repertoire in theatre, with guest speakers Guy Cassiers, Faustin Linyekula and Amir Nizar Zuabi. As an introduction Jan Goossens, artistic director of KVS, wrote the following text